1L Mentor Network

As you embark on your legal education at Lewis & Clark, you will receive support and advice from a number of people, including mentors assigned through our Mentor Network.  Your Mentor Network will include:

Peer Mentors – every incoming student is assigned to a small Peer Mentoring team consisting of two Peer Mentors and about ten 1L students.  Peer Mentors offer advice on the day-to-day of law school, such as study & exam-taking skills, best study spots on campus, and what they wish they’d known – or believed – when they started school.  They can also recommend great places to get your favorite food and where to hike/bike/relax.  And, Peer Mentors can serve as a friendly ear when you want to talk about law school and life as a law student.

Career Services Advisor – every incoming student is also assigned to a Career Services professional advisor.  Your Career Services advisor will work with you throughout law school and will advise you on your professional development, including your summer and post-grad job search strategies.  Your Career Services advisor should become one of your go-to people as you enter the legal profession.

Attorney Mentor – our Attorney Mentors are local attorneys, mostly alumni, who volunteer to meet and advise our students. Your Attorney Mentor can be a helpful sounding board (most well-remember their 1L year of law school) and can introduce you to others in the legal community.


This network of individuals will be a powerful support system for you!