Coronavirus Information and Update: Spring 2021 Plans

Natural Resources Committee

Student Representatives Kelsey Furman and Tiffany Hawkins.The committee reviews the natural resources and environmental law curriculum and recommends the courses for continuation and new courses for consideration by the curriculum committee. The committee also reviews all environmental and natural resources courses for the three-year plan, and recommends to the curriculum committee courses for continuation and how frequently the courses should be taught. The committee designs and approves conferences, distinguished environmental visitors, and other official activities to be undertaken by the law school as part of the environmental and natural resources law program. The committee works on sustainability issues for the law school. The committee determines the recipients of the Manas, O’Rourke, and Natural Resources Law Institute Leader awards, and chooses each year’s Distinguished Environmental Graduates. The committee also handles academic issues relevant to the LL.M. and joint degree programs, and to the JD environmental and natural resources certificate, including requirements for the certificate, requirements for LL.M. and joint degree program participants, and LL.M. and joint degree admission requirements. They meet monthly throughout the school year (except in December).