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Equity & Inclusion

New Multicultural Calendar!

This calendar highlights cultural holidays and events beyond what we would see on a traditional calendar.

Our Initiatives

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Law Student Equity Task Force

The SBA E&I Committee has created a taskforce comprising student volunteers who are committed to supporting and furthering the work of the SBA E&I Committee. This taskforce has been created to expand the Committee’s capacity and momentum, and most importantly, to make sure that no E&I projects are left unattended due to lack of bandwidth. Any student interested in furthering equity in our law school community is invited to join this taskforce. This taskforce will receive requests for support from the SBA E&I committee on a routine basis and volunteers will join projects based on availability and interest. One LSET volunteer will be a member of the SBA E&I Committee as the LSET liaison, and the selection process for that position will be determined by LSET itself. If you are interested in volunteering to support equity and inclusion work on campus, please email the SBA E&I Committee at