Student Bar Association

The Lewis & Clark Law Student Bar Association (SBA) is like many student governments: elected representatives from each class serve as a resource and liaison in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services at L&C Law School. Some of our services include:

  • We can help you find campus resources if you don’t know where to look.
  • We support student clubs and organizations, and help fund campus activities.
  • If you feel uncomfortable bringing a question to a professor or administrator, we can ask them and keep your involvement anonymous.
  • SBA leadership has regular communication with the Dean of Students and other Administrative leaders; if SBA members are frequently receiving the same questions/concerns, we can bring them to school leadership to address these issues on a larger scale.
  • In a non-pandemic year, we host events and parties, and bring speakers to campus. We’ve even brought therapy dogs to help during finals season.

Like any student government, SBA is what we make it! If you want to start a club, address a problem, or jump on an opportunity that we haven’t already addressed, please reach out to your representative(s) and get the ball rolling!

Contact us: 

Your SBA Values Transparency & Accessibility 

A Transparent SBA Budget: SBA has a different budget than that of the rest of the law school. We do not plan the school’s finances, but we do have two elected representatives that attend the school’s budget meetings. If you want to know where SBA dollars go, you can ask the SBA Treasurer, West Aron, and the SBA Internal Budget Committee. Reach out to West and the IBC with your budget questions at Questions about funding your student group’s event, your travel to a conference, or other exciting opportunities? Our treasurer and the IBC have developed thorough and helpful tips and guidelines—check out these resources on the Student Forms page. 

Speak Out: As always, SBA General Assembly meetings are open to all members of the Lewis & Clark Law community. Our General Assembly meetings are once a month, on Saturdays or Sundays at 10:30 am. This year, meetings will be held over Zoom so, if you’d like to attend an SBA General Assembly meeting as a non-voting attendee from the Lewis & Clark Law community, contact Secretary Kathrine Coonjohn for the details to join our virtual meeting.

It’s Easy to Find Us: All emails students receive from the SBA are signed with the names and positions of every SBA Executive Board member. That way, when you have concerns or suggestions about the Lewis & Clark community, you’ll know which SBA representative would be best able to address your concerns.

A Note On Co-Sponsorships: Over the course of the year, SBA will be partnering with various organizations, so that we are able to defray costs and host more events that benefit students. By agreeing to co-sponsor with a company or organization, such as a bar review company or community organization, the SBA is not endorsing the particular company, organization, or event.