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Student Bar Association


What is SBA? How does it work and what do officers and representatives do?

SBA is a student-governed organization that acts carries out several roles on the Lewis & Clark Law School campus. We make sure that the opinions and concerns of the L&C student body are heard by the faculty and staff by acting as a liaison via our many committees and board representatives. We keep up on current events happening around campus, and give the students information they need on changes and events in our community. We also organize awesome events to help students socialize and relax.

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How do I contact my SBA Representative?

Every SBA representative is happy to answer any questions you might have, or chat with you about your experience at Lewis & Clark. It’s what we’re here for. Just head over to the SBA Officers and Reps page to get contact information for anyone in the SBA.

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I have a really great idea about how to make life Lewis & Clark better. Who do I talk to?

We have several committee representatives who work specifically on various aspects of the Lewis and Clark Community and they would love to hear your opinions on how to meet the needs of the ever-changing student body at Lewis & Clark. Please speak up any time you have something to say: we will be sure to listen! Openness and communication is what SBA is all about. To get your opinions heard, first, look at our Officers and Reps page to see which SBA member to talk to about your issue.

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I have a comment or a concern about my classes or curriculum, is there someone I can talk to?

Yes! We actually have several committees dedicated to academics at Lewis & Clark. If your question is about a course you are currently taking, ideas on how to make a course better, or a suggestion for a course you would like to see, contact the Curriculum Committee Representatives. If you have something you’d like to say about a faculty or staff member, get in touch with the Faculty Committee Representatives.

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How do I run for an SBA position?

Elections for all positions take place every year right before spring break. Keep your eyes peeled for self-nomination forms appearing in early spring, and check out our webpage on Elections for more information on how to participate.

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I’m a first year student, can I participate in SBA?

Yes! First year elections are held every fall for the positions of Pod Representatives and Transfer Student Representative. This is a great opportunity to get involved with SBA early and to contribute to the Lewis and Clark community. Head over to the Elections portion of our webpage. Also, feel free to get involved with our committees, and keep an eye out for positions that open during the school year.

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I’m in a student organization, and we would like to put on an event. Who do we talk to? Is there any special procedure we need to follow?

If you are using SBA-distributed group funding, you will need to ensure your event complies with the SBA spending guidelines. You will also need to coordinate with the Events Office. For more information, visit the room request site: Event Forms.

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