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The Jeff Jones “Nicely Done!” Award

An annual SBA award given in memory and honor of the late Professor Jeffrey D. Jones

About the Award

Professor Jeffrey D. Jones 1968-2020 Professor Jeffrey D. Jones 1968-2020Professor Jeff Jones exemplified what it meant to teach and lead with compassion. His spirit of generosity, humor, and candor will carry on through generations of attorneys to come. This award acknowledges the impact that unsung heroes have on our campus community. These are the peers who prioritize students who may fall through the cracks and fill in gaps as they arise. The goal is to celebrate a student who embodies accountability, empathy, and community.
As the first-ever LC Law annual SBA Award, it is critical that the award is created for students by students. The only non-LC student or Alumni on the panel is Professor Jones’ beloved and esteemed wife, Tamara Jones.

The award recipient will receive $500.00 as a token of the Student Bar Association’s appreciation of their presence and continued efforts to make our community a more inclusive and equitable place.



Any Lewis and Clark Law Student is eligible for this award. In the true spirit of Professor Jones, we encourage part-time, LLM, evening students, and any other form of law student to apply. The committee will include the esteemed Tamara Jones and prior students of Professor Jones. In future years, the committee will include the prior year’s recipients in the place of students that had the privilege to be taught directly by Professor Jones.



Students may nominate one of their peers or self-nominate here. Nominations are due by April 15, 2021, and the recipient will be announced during the Spring 2021 finals period. Nominees should demonstrate the following characteristics:

  • Inclusive attitude and spirit
  • Positively engages with peers through empathy and compassion
  • A stakeholder in the campus community
  • Fun to be around!
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Accountable