2023 - 2024 Student Bar Association Officers 

Executive Board

Megan Bryant-Tiktin


I am a 3L and currently serve as President of the Student Bar Association. I am from Central Oregon but have lived in the Willamette Valley for the past 8 years. I studied developmental psychopathology in undergrad and prior to law school, I worked as a program director helping kids with behavioral and developmental disabilities. After graduating, I hope to work in policy or consumer protection litigation. I love cooking, all things reality TV, and spending time with my husband and our two cats.

West Aron


It is my firm belief that systems recognizing the infinite dimensions of human potential get the best results from those individuals that participate in them, and that within each of those dimensions is a need that must be met before we can see that potential flourish. The Student Bar Association at Lewis & Clark is an organization oriented towards recognizing those needs in our student community and finding ways to meet them. When I say it is my duty to advocate for the student body, that is what I mean.

As the SBA Treasurer, that duty is fulfilled by building as diverse a budget committee as possible, considering the complete set of stakeholders in our funding decisions, and inviting student feedback on those decisions. We provide funds that enable students to travel to professional conferences, host speaker events on campus, create new relationships with community partners, and so much more. It is my hope that my time as Treasurer continues a tradition of community-minded SBA Executive Officers and leaves a legacy of professional and ethical excellence.

Kathrine Coonjohn


I am a 2L from Alaska who is passionate about public interest law, Alaska Native and Indigenous justice, and advocating for Alaska. Currently, I serve in leadership positions on several student organizations, including the SBA, where I serve as Secretary and student representative on the Budget Committee.

Amanda Dixon

Vice President of Communications

I am so excited to serve as the VP of Communications this year! I am currently a 3L concentrating on both animal and environmental law. My undergrad degree is in environmental studies, with a focus on ecological anthropology.

I grew up in Upstate New York, where I spent a lot of time in nature and around animals, which clearly informed my life choices. Currently, I also serve as a Form & Style editor for Animal Law Review and work at the law library circulation desk. Outside of school, I enjoy playing board games (Parks is my current favorite), hiking, reading (mostly sci-fi and fantasy or cozy mystery books), and creating art (right now I am learning how to crochet and weave baskets).

Antonia Langowski

Vice President of Student Affairs
I’m a 2L at Lewis & Clark, and I have been honorably elected to serve as the 2023-24 Vice President of Student Affairs. I am from a small farming town in rural Wisconsin and like many other L&C students, I have a deep passion for sustainable advocacy and a commitment to environmental justice. As the VP of Student Affairs, I intend to utilize my passion for equity and sustainability by prioritizing greener and more inclusive transportation measures on campus. More generally, I will continue to be a champion for student rights and well-being by acting as a liaison between L&C administration and the student body.

Amy Webster

Vice President of Programming

I am a 2L from Wisconsin and I am so excited to be the Vice President of Programming this year. I am interested in pursuing energy law and Lewis & Clark’s record in the environmental field is what drew me across the country. This year, I look forward to providing the student body with tons of fun events, and fostering connections across the school. When not doing homework or planning events, I enjoy sewing, crocheting, and like everyone else at Lewis & Clark, I enjoy hiking and being outside. If you have any ideas for events you would like to see on campus, please do not hesitate to reach out! 

Celeste Williams

Vice President of Equity & Inclusion

I currently serve as the Vice President of Equity and Inclusion of the Student Bar Association. I am a 3L concentrating on environmental and international law. Prior to law school, I studied primatology and primate conservation. I have a deep passion for fostering and sustaining an equitable and inclusive community on our campus, and look forward to pushing this initiative forward. In my free time, I love doing puzzles and spending time with my two cats. 

General Assembly

Ricky Armendariz

Faculty Appointments Committee

Holly Carone

Faculty Committee Representative

Heather Castillo

Evening Student Representative

Kristina Farrimond

Transfer Student Representative

Gagan Gill

American Bar Association Student Representative

Axel Jurgens

Faculty Committee Representitve

Michael Kelly

First Year Green Pod Representative

Juliette Liu

Admissions Committee Representative
Natural Resources Committee Representative

Jennifer Melikian

Wellness Committee Representative

Paige Punzalan

Faculty Appointments Committee

Julia Sicard

Faculty Appointments Committee

Kyle Wickers

First Year Red Pod Representative

Tarun Bishop

Accessibility Representative

Liliana Casillas

Diversity Committee Representitive

Patrick Chang

Student Health Advisory Board

Alex Gersovitz

First Year Green Pod Representative

Anna Hong

Admissions Committee Representative

Amitav Kamani

Board of Trustees Representative

Jordin Lewis-Martinez

Honor Board Committee Representative
Transportation and Parking Advisory Representative

Ava Mastrianni

First Year Red Pod Representative

Leann Pawlaczyk

First Year Blue Pod Representative

Sarah Rae

Natural Resources Committee

Audre Sylvester

Academic Enhancement Committee
Alumni Association Board Representative

Roger Yuan

First Year Blue Pod Representative

Pod Representatives

Alex Gersovitz

First Year Green Pod Representative

Ava Mastrianni

First Year Red Pod Representative

Roger Yuan

First Year Blue Pod Representative

Michael Kelly

First Year Green Pod Representative

Leann Pawlaczyk

First Year Blue Pod Representative