Election Campaigns

We welcome students to actively campaign for positions on campus!  Please feel free to create campaign material and post it around the law school in designated locations.  These areas include the LRC, McCarthy Classroom Complex, Gantenbein Hall, the Boley Law Library, or Wood Hall.  Of course, there are a few rules about campaign material, so please keep it within the following limitations:

  1. All posters must conform to school policy regarding notices and postings, check out the “What’s What” for detailed information.
  2. Each candidate is responsible for removing their own postings and signs, and should occur within 24 hours of the end of your campaign.
  3. Please don’t send unsolicited emails to anyone for the purpose of campaigning.
  4. Feel free to use websites, including assigned Lewis & Clark web space – but the rules for content which apply to posted signs also apply to websites, so keep that in mind and read “What’s What” for more information.
  5. If an online election is held, candidates are prohibited from campaigning within the computer labs during voting hours.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that the SBA is YOUR student government. If there is a position that you’d like to hold, run for office! We want to encourage as much student participation in the SBA as possible, and we hope to be working along side you. Make sure to vote in the elections! 

**Please refer to the bylaws for specific information in regards to the duties of each office and for campaign rules. For further questions, see our Officers page to contact the SBA Vice President of Student Affairs. The VP of Student Affairs is takes the lead on SBA elections.**