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West Aron

It is my firm belief that systems recognizing the infinite dimensions of human potential get the best results from those individuals that participate in them, and that within each of those dimensions is a need that must be met before we can see that potential flourish. The Student Bar Association at Lewis & Clark is an organization oriented towards recognizing those needs in our student community and finding ways to meet them. When I say it is my duty to advocate for the student body, that is what I mean.

As the SBA Treasurer, that duty is fulfilled by building as diverse a budget committee as possible, considering the complete set of stakeholders in our funding decisions, and inviting student feedback on those decisions. We provide funds that enable students to travel to professional conferences, host speaker events on campus, create new relationships with community partners, and so much more. It is my hope that my time as Treasurer continues a tradition of community-minded SBA Executive Officers and leaves a legacy of professional and ethical excellence.