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Business Law


The business law program hosts a number of annual events that bring business men and women, entrepreneurs, attorneys, CEO’s, faculty, students, and community members to campus. Other events are planned by several of the business law related student organizations. Here is a list of the events planned through the business law program.

Upcoming Events: 
Spring Luncheon

Each year the Business Law Spring Luncheon celebrates the accomplishments of our students and gives thanks to the many members of the community who lend their time, resources, and talents to the curricular and extracurricular activities of the Business Law Program. The Spring Business Law Luncheon will be held in Portland at the Benson Hotel, on Friday, March 15, 2019. 


Recent Past Events:

Food Law Forum: Entrepreneurs in the Food Chain - February 8, 2019

23rd Annual Business Law Fall Forum “The Procedure of IP”

“IP In The Trees” Workshop: Professor Ramsey “Free Speech Challenges to Trademark Law After ‘Matal v. Tam’”



Business Law

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