First Year (1L) Curriculum

Lewis & Clark Law School requires all first-year students to take the same curriculum. The first-year curriculum provides a strong foundation for upper-division law study and for success in the profession of law.

First-year, full-time day division students take nine courses:

Part-time, evening students spread these courses over the first two years. They are able to add more courses in the day in the second year in order to take on a full-time load, if desired.

Upper Division Requirements

Upper-division students (whether part-time or full-time) must also take:

Students are free to design their own programs of study after the first year.  Students are responsible for seeing to it that they meet the requirements for graduation, which includes completing 90 total credits.

Detailed information about minimum grade point averages and other administrative requirements for graduation are available from the Law School Registrar.

See the Academics Home Page for more information on the various courses and specialties offered, and for curriculum planning guides.