About Us

What is the SBA?

SBA Logo The Student Bar Association (SBA) is your official vehicle dedicated to improving the educational, social, and professional experience of all law students. The SBA serves as your student body resource and liaison in matters involving the school administration, faculty, and student services at Lewis & Clark Law School.  That means it is our mission to serve as the voice of all students, to represent them and to create a clear channel of communication between the student body, the administration, and faculty. We provide an effective outlet for the expression of student views by coordinating several social events, lectures, and open forums. SBA representatives provide support to student groups, have a voice in important decisions, and build essential connections to legal professionals. The Student Bar Association functions as both a student government and a professional bar association.

What are the goals of the SBA?

  • Provide an effective outlet for the expression of student views;
  • Serve as the official liaison between the student, faculty, staff, and alumni;
  • Foster close personal relationships among the law school community;
  • Create networking opportunities with the local legal community; and
  • Organize unique & exciting events that help the student body to balance the academic rigors of law school with a balanced and healthy life.

How does the SBA affect you?

There are several ways that SBA representatives affect life at Lewis & Clark Law School:

  • Your SBA representatives serve on external faculty committees which address specific facets of law school operations, including decisions about what classes  should be offered (and at what time), tuition costs, transportation, parking and admissions.
  • SBA representatives also serve on internal committees. These committees focus on student body issues and events, such as planning stress relief activities, networking opportunities, social events, allocating funds to campus groups, the SBA newsletter, addressing student concerns, and choosing campus speakers.
  • We are the umbrella student organization to all chartered organizations on the law school campus. While we have always provided funding, authorization, and guidance for student groups, we are renewing our commitment to a strong student government  by working more closely with groups on campus to help them reach their individual goals.
  • Because your SBA representatives are also your classmates and friends, we plan social events designed for busy law students who want a chance to get away from it all. The SBA plans several highly popular parties during the year, and we have several new events planned this upcoming school year.


Email us at:  sba@lclark.edu