Message Boards

The Student Bar Association Message Board is an online bulletin board for discussions of matters both trivial and significant relating to your law school experience. You must have an account in order to post and to read the posts- membership is open to all Lewis and Clark students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

1Ls Forum

The first year of law school is notorious for being confounding, confusing, and unfamiliar. So we’ve created a space for you to talk about the joys of being a 1L here. It’s an opportunity to voice your questions and concerns about your experience as you integrate into the Lewis & Clark community. Get advice and swap stories about your classes, workload, and strategies for surviving the first year.

2Ls Forum

Use this space to talk about your continuing law school experience. What was your summer job like? Have you decided to focus on a specific aspect of the law? How is second year compared to first year?

3Ls Forum

A place to discuss the third and final year of law school. Trade advice on studying for the bar, finding that first job and making it through the final push of third year.

Academic Forums

This is where you can ask questions of the SBA and each other about your classes. That includes everything from professors, books, to strategies and advice on how to survive the rigors of law school. It’s also a great place to talk about what you like, and what you would change about our curriculum.

General Forums

Have any general questions about the law school or SBA? Anything you would like to see? Post your questions and comments here.

Study Groups

Studying together is a proven effective strategy to success in law school. Not only do you learn more and retain the information better when you talk about it with fellow students, doing it as a group gives you that social boost that studying alone lacks. Use this board to organize your own study groups to help you learn and (hopefully) have a little fun while you do it.


Chat with an SBA member about your questions and concerns, things you’d like to see us do, or things you wish to change.