Student Resources

These are a number of useful links both for your academic career, your legal career, and for enjoying all of the wonderful places that Portland has to offer.

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Legal & Academic
  • LC Handbook: A great place to start for any questions about Lewis & Clark Law.
  • LC Podcasts: Listen in on topics concerning the LC community, or catch up on an event that you missed.
  • Boley Library: Our library website provides access to a wealth of resources to get you started on your research.
  • HeinOnline: An expansive collection of PDF articles from virtually every legal journal.
  • Westlaw: One of the two major search engines for legal research, statutes, and judicial opinions.
  • LexisNexis: The other major search engine for legal research, statutes, and judicial opinions.
  • Oregon State Bar: The website for the bar association of the State of Oregon.
  • Oregon Laws: A user-friendly and searchable online version of Oregon statutes including decision notes.
  • Oyez: Supreme Court Summaries. 
  • SCOTUS blog: A blog covering all events relating to the Supreme Court and the decisions it makes. An excellent site for Supreme Court news.
First Year Survival Guide
Dean Spence’s Advice for New Students
Bar Preparation
Book List

A complete list of all of the books for all the Fall 2010 semester law school classes:

Visit the Law Bookstore Website. 

Portland Dining
Local Portland Resources
  • Grocery Stores and Farmers Market: Portland is a food lover’s paradise. A variety of excellent stores provide all manner of fresh food for any dietary requirement or preference.
    • Market of Choice: The closest supermarket to campus, known for excellent soups.
    • New Seasons: Although pricey, this supermarket provides an excellent selection of organic and healthy foods.
    • People’s Food Coop: A community owned co-operative natural foods store organizing local food and farmers.
    • Trader Joe’s: The original alternative grocery store chain.
    • Portland Farmers Market: Fresh produce, rather far away from campus, located over in the Hawthorne district.
  • Bookstores
    • Powell’s: The largest bookstore in North America. Bibliophile heaven. Excellent café, great hang out space if you have the willpower to resist purchasing books.
    • Cameron’s Books & Magazines: The oldest book store in Portland, a good place for bargain hunters.
    • Annie Bloom’s Books: Friendly small shop located in Multnomah village, more for atmosphere than selection.
    • Longfellow’s Books & Music: Located in SE, a small location physically, albeit with a larger catalog.
  • Hikes: A few hours from forests, beaches, and mountains, Portland is a great city for wilderness lovers.
    • Portland Hikers: Site focused on networking amongst fellow hikers, sharing experiences and photos.
    • Local Hikes: Focuses more upon Portland metro area walking trails.
    • Oregon Adventures: More focused on camping and hiking in the big mountains.
  • Bikes: Portland is also the most bicycle friendly city in the United States, and bicycling is a major pastime and commuting method for many in the city.
    • River City Bicycles: Schedules bicycling events and rides, this bicycle store is on MLK blvd in N. Portland and is focused upon athletic and competitive bicycling.
    • City Bikes: A cooperative run bike shop on SE Ankeny focused on custom and refurbished bicycles.
    • The Bike Gallery: One of the major bicycle shops of Portland, featuring a wide variety of bicycle designs including recumbents. They have six different locations in the Portland metro area. 
    • Community Cycling Center: A community organization that provides programs to increase bicycle access for youth and adults, and which seeks to widen local accommodations for bicycle usage.
    • Clever Cycles: Organizer of the annual Pedalpalooza event, this Hawthorne bike store is another source for all your bicycling accessories. This store also rents bikes.
  • Local News
    • The Oregonian: The mainstream daily major newspaper for the state of Oregon.
    • Portland Mercury: The alternative weekly, focused on music events. Rather tabloid in nature.
    • Willamette Week: The older alternative weekly magazine of Portland, has the best in-depth local reporting, lacks the range of the Oregonian’s news coverage, competes with the Portland Mercury.

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