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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

Jim Salzman, Environmental Law Distinguished Visitor Lecture

October 08, 2013

Lewis & Clark’s Environmental Law program welcomed Professor Jim Salzman as its 2013 Distinguished Visitor. Professor Salzman holds joint appointments at Duke University as the Samuel Fox Mordecai Professor at the law school, and as the Nicholas Institute Professor of Environmental Policy.

In more than eight books and seventy articles and book chapters, his broad-ranging scholarship has addressed topics spanning trade and environment conflicts, drinking water, environmental protection in the service economy, wetlands mitigation banking and the legal and institutional issues in creating markets for ecosystem services.

Professor Salzman spent three days on campus, speaking and participating in Public Lands, Environmental Law and the LLM Seminar course, as well as visiting with faculty and students. His stay culminated in a public lecture on October 8th at the law school. Students, staff and faculty enjoyed hearing about payments for ecosystems services in classes, and his unique insight reflected in his public lecture on “Turning the World Upside Down: How Frames of Reference Shape Environmental Law”. Those of us who attended the lecture will never look at a map the same way again.

The October 8th public lecture will be posted as a podcast on the school’s web-site.