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Every state bar exam is offered twice a year - in February and July.  An overview of the subjects that are tested on each state bar exam and the format of the exam can be found on the website of the entity that administers bar applications for the state and in the BarBri Digest, a resource prepared by BarBri.  The Digest is available for pick-up in the Career Services Office.

In addition to the state bar exam, most states also require applicants take the Multi-State Professional Responsibility Exam (MPRE), which is offered four (4) times a year.  For more information on the MPRE, see

Applicants are also examined for character and fitness to practice law in the state they take the bar in. This process is handled by the body that oversees bar admission for the state.  As part of the process of applying to sit for a state bar, applicants are required to provide a great deal of background information.  For this reason, it is a very good idea to begin filling out the application long before the due date.

The majority of Lewis & Clark Law Students take the Oregon, Washington or California bar exam.  Listed below is basic information on these three exams.  Again, there is a great deal more detailed information available on the websites of the entities that oversee admission to the state bars.

Oregon Bar Exam - the subjects tested are listed on the Oregon State Bar’s Admissions webpage, found at, and it always a good idea to check the bar’s website to confirm the current list of subjects being tested.   The exam consists of three parts:  the Multi-State Performance Test (MPT), the Multi-State Bar Exam (MBE), and the Essay Exam.  In addition, all Oregon bar candidates must take the MPRE and the character and fitness evaluation before they can be sworn in.

Washington Bar Exam - the subjects tested are listed on the Washington State Bar’s Admissions webpage, found at  The Washington exam includes 24 essay questions, including a Professional Responsibility portion.  The MPRE is not required for admission to the Washington Bar.  In addition to the Character and Fitness review, Washington also requires applicants to complete a mandatory preadmission education program prior to admission.  This requires attending a no-cost, four-hour education program, which is available via the Washington State Bar website.

California Bar Exam - as with other states, the subjects tested can be found on the California State Bar’s association’s webpage, found at  California’s exam includes the MBE (Multi-State Bar Exam), an essay portion, and performance test.  Applicants must also take the MPRE, as well as the character and fitness evaluation before being sworn in.


Bar Review:  There are many companies that offer bar preparation courses.  Listed below is information on programs Lewis & Clark Law alumni have utilized in the past:




Course Type


MBE only.  Internet-based program providing MBE practice using real MBE questions that have appeared on past exams.  Program uses an adaptive learning system that monitors your performance on the test questions, adapts the presentation of questions based on your strengths/weaknesses, and analyzes your performance in each substantive area of law on the MBE. Users receive detailed statistical evaluation which can be uses to determine which topics (and subtopics) need more work.  Provides an explanation describing why the correct answer is correct as well as explanations for why the incorrect answers are incorrect.


-Self study program

-Detailed analysis of areas of strength/weakness

-Teaches how to allocate time and pace self to answer questions within allotted time on bar exam



Internet-based; also available as an iPhone app.


AmeriBar offers comprehensive bar review courses to prepare students for the bar exam in over thirty jurisdictions

- Outlines and lectures are focused on testability, allowing you to spend  study time more efficiently

- If enrolled in the essay or full course, will receive lectures covering essay writing and study strategy

-Access to audio reviews of essay and writing drills

-Least expensive full service bar review course

Home study course.  Online (or Optional iPod) Audio Lectures available 24-7.  Replay of lectures available.



BARBRI offers a comprehensive bar review course, plus additional specialty courses, for every state jurisdiction. Covers MPRE, MBE, and MPT prep plus essay writing.

-Both extended and condensed outlines plus flow charts

-Workshops devoted to MBE, MPT and essay questions

- Simulated exams given towards end of course


Option of Paced Program or self study by iPod


Complete bar review course or supplemental MBE-only courses available

-Both classroom and online options

-Complete course includes quizzes that help to pinpoint areas of weakness, then jump to online assignments/lectures addressing those topics

-Online question bank

-Option for live attorney Q&A

-iPhone app with access to flash cards, assignments and syllabus

Options for full bar review course or MBE only courses. Also options for add ons with practice questions only.


Self-study program that uses a combination of adaptive software and personalized attention. MBE, MPRE and State essay reviews available (no Oregon or Washington).

-Software tracks progress and steers study to the topics where review is needed. 

-Attorney-mentors provide personalized feedback on your essays and individualized guidance throughout bar study process.

-Outlines in lieu of lectures



Comprehensive bar review course covering MBE, MPT and essay preparation.  Classes and state specific exam materials available for Oregon, Washington and California.

-Review materials developed exclusively for the bar exam

-All live lectures - no tapes or “live feed”

- All lectures are

recorded and may be downloaded to your iPod.

- Writing and performance programs are

integrated into daily classes to improve your essay writing skills

- Magic Memory Outline® and Make Your Own Exam® software at no extra charge.

- 4 practice exam sets and 25 graded practice essays.


Both paced programs and self-paced programs available.


Washington state only.

Comprehensive home study bar review course specially designed for Washington’s essay-only.

-Concise outlines, prepared by one person

-Virtual Around the Clock Assistance

-Convenient Comprehensive Writing Program

Exam-taking and Time Management Tips

-Free Appeal Assistance Program





Materials Provided




Those taking a July bar may have an active account March 1 - July 31. Those taking a February bar may have an active account August 1 - February 28.

n/a - all materials online



n/a - self study. However, pass guarantees require the course be purchased by a certain date (see website).


-Approximately 1400 Released MBE Questions

-Additional 1000 Practice MBE Questions

-Past Essays & Answers

-Comprehensive Study Outlines

-State-Specific Materials

- Attorney Telephone Support


Starting at $1895 in most jurisdictions ($1595 in OR) with a pass or your money-back guarantee for eligible first-time bar examinees. See website for details.


Bar review course consisting of an intensive 6-7 week course, available in all 50 states. Fully online or in-class options. Typically, classes are 3 hours long and meet 5 days a week. Personal pacing programs with unlimited access to every bar review lecture online via streaming video at your convenience, at no additional cost.

2L/3L benefits include

-Upper Level book


-one MPRE lecture and workbook

-Law School Virtual Lecture Hall (available online or as an iPhone app)

- one full set of bar review books (issued within the month before the course begins)

Option to sign up as early as 1L year and lock in price for grad year. Different pricing structure for graduates.


Current course price for new enrollee: $2995





MBE Foundation Course:  6-day course  with a 50-question exam, in-class analysis of each MBE topic, substantive review of the law, and strategies  for maximizing test performance. 

MBE-only course: 6-day covers the most up-to-date MBE trends. Each day covers one of the six MBE subjects. Daily in-class 50-question mini-exam focusing on the most heavily tested areas of that day’s subject. Faculty walk through each of the 50 questions, review the law on which the answer to each question is based, and provide  strategies to maximize test performance.

General Bar Review Course: up to 37 days depending on the state. Includes substantive lectures on every subject tested on state Bar Exam, + state-specific distinctions to the MBE subjects. Substantive legal outlines for every subject tested on your Bar Exam, 2 MBE practice tests, and a final state practice exam.


MBE Final Review Course:  3-day course featuring a simulated full-day MBE exam administered under test-like conditions, followed by a question-based, substantive review highlighting fine-line distinctions of the relevant law and incorporates up-to-date MBE trends.


Complete Course:

Multistate Subjects Outline & Class Materials

Multistate Workbook

Additional MBE Practice Exam Questions

State Subjects Outline & Class Materials

State Essays

State Performance Test Workshop Materials


MBE only courses (varies depending upon course):

Ask an Attorney support

Practice workbook with 1000+ questions

MBE outline book

Different pricing structures, depending upon whether full or MBE-only course, and whether live or online. See website for complete details.


$1149 - Full live course

$1049 - Full online course


$799 - MBE only course




Materials Provided




n/a (minimum of 300 study hours recommended)

MBE Review:  2,800 unique questions.

Software containing nearly 2,300 questions that offer instantaneous feedback. Two full, 200-question sample exams complete with clear answer explanations. 100 questions and answer explanations recently released by the National Conference of Bar Examiners.

Comprehensive subject outlines containing Bar Exam Alerts to focus your study on frequently tested areas.

Condensed subject outlines for quick review and last-minute study.

State Review: Comprehensive subject outlines that cover all testable essay topics. Practice essay questions paired with thorough model answers.

The option to submit up to eight essays for feedback from  attorney-mentor.

Full program: $1590

MBE only: $895

State only: $895


Summer Oregon bar review course begins with orientation on  April 3 at 9:00 am


Meets 2 classes per week on Saturdays

9:00 am - 12:15 pm and 1:00 pm - 4:15 pm

Live Course:  All live lectures - no “live feed” one-time viewing. In person or email mentoring, email grading and answers to questions. Audio lectures for reinforcement or makeup available over the web.

Self Study w/lectures:

4 Practice sets of 3 different questions each in 135 minutes

On-line access

to the lectures recorded in class.

Mentoring over the phone or email.

Email grading and answers to questions.

Audio lectures available for download over the web. Lectures

are archived so they may be listened to as often as helpful.

Self-study Course: email mentoring, grading, and answers to questions.

Flexible start date.



Live Course:$2,400


Self-Study Course With Lectures: $2,000


Traditional Self-Study Course: $1,700


Enrollees have the option of selecting a 4-month, 3-month or 2-month study schedule.

Substantive lecture outlines, audio tapes and one-page exam checklists covering all subjects tested on Washington’s bar exam. The course begins with an extensive Introduction lecture describing the bar exam in detail and review of unusual test scenarios that have occurred over the past decade/predictions for future exams. Detailed daily or weekly study schedule. Comprehensive exam-writing lecture and numerous practice questions with model answers for self-grading.  Writing program is free.

Full course:  $1695

Ethics only: $120


 Career Services recently surveyed alumni about their bar review course experiences.  Below is a summary of the responses.

Several alumni also volunteered to talk to individual students about their bar review experience. If you would like to talk with one of these alumni, please contact Career Services ( and let us know what state and bar review course you are considering so that we can direct you to the most appropriate person.


Selected Alumni Feedback








Paced Program:

 -The pace of the course was great and the information presented on target. The supporting materials were great.

- Kept me on track to cover all the likely tested material, and helped explain what was to be tested

- BarBri worked for me, and the fact that it was highly structured and provided a pace was very helpful


IPod/Self Paced:

- iPod BarBri is fantastic - just don’t miss one single day

- I highly recommend home study because you can re-listen to sections over and over if you need to.

- Ipod self-study is excellent. it allows you to tailor your study program, double up on classes or rewind if necessary.


- PMBR’s preparation for the MBE was fantastic. It demonstrated the nuances of bar examination multiple choices questions. PMBR demonstrated that a question can turn on a single element.

- PMBR was extremely helpful for the multi-state portion of bar exam

- PMBR provided real strategy and good material for the multiple choice portions of the exam. Their practice material was harder and was closer to the actual exam





-I liked Tesdahl because it was home study based.

-Washington’s bar exam is unusual in that it is essay only, does not include the multistate exam, but does include ethics. I found the Tesdahl course - which is Washington-only - to be excellent prep for this exam

Advice for 3L Students

- Take the course your friends are taking

- Select the course that best accommodates your schedule. While bar courses seem to vary widely, the people that seem most successful seem to be the ones whose study was accomplished in an orderly way which created confidence.

- Whatever you take, do the work assigned. That’s most important.

- BarBri or similar course is a necessity - for one, you are provided the materials you need to study; in addition, you are provided at least some necessary, helpful advice. You needn’t follow BarBri’s study schedule, but their provision of a study schedule provides a starting point for determining your personal study approach.

- You don’t need (a review program). If you are diligent (and most law students are) you can purchase the materials used and create your own, just as successful, program.

- Don’t waste your money on Bar prep courses - your loans are high enough already. If anything, purchase the materials and study on your own.

- If you have the discipline, take the self-paced iPod program. It is worth the extra deposit to learn at your own pace, study at the location of your choice, and avoid the collective stress of the group.

- Would only recommend self-study for someone VERY disciplined who absolutely cannot get to classes.  A paced classroom style program really helped me stay on track.

- I would recommend taking both BarBri and PMBR.

- Study with a group

- Whatever course you choose, understand that it is still your responsibility to be self-disciplined

- Do the work they tell you to do on the schedule, take at least two MBE practice tests and practice as many essays under timed and word count restrictions as you can.