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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

Tshering Dolkar (LL.M. ’18) to teach enviro law at Bhutan’s first law school

October 03, 2018

  • Tshering Dolkar at Lewis & Clark Law School
  • Tshering Dolkar meeting with Janice Weis and Lucy Brehm at Lewis & Clark Law School

Tshering Dolkar, a 2018 graduate of the Environmental, Natural Resources, and Energy Law LLM program at Lewis & Clark, will help design, teach, and coordinate the environmental law curriculum at the Kingdom of Bhutan’s first, and only law school.

The Jigme Singye Wangchuck School of Law was founded in 2015, by the promulgation of a Royal Charter by His Majesty the King of Bhutan. His Majesty envisioned that the law school would “provide legal education, facilitate research in law and related fields, [and] promote cultural enrichment and traditional values.” The formulation of a law school in a culture where the adversarial nature of Western legal practice is seen by some as opposed to Buddhism was so noteworthy that the NY Times wrote a 2016
story about the school.

Tshering Dolkar’s teaching and research specialty will be Environmental Law and Sustainable Development. The Kingdom of Bhutan follows the concept of “gross national happiness”, which includes the protection of the environment. “We are so proud of Dolkar,” said Janice Weis, Associate Dean and Director, Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law program. “She follows a tradition for our graduates to spread the principles of environmental laws all over the world.”

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Environmental, Natural Resources, & Energy Law

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