Frequently Asked Questions about the Admission Process

Do I have to submit everything at once?

Your admission file is created when the law school receives your completed application. You may choose to submit all of your documents at once or to submit as many of the documents as you can at one time, with other items (such as transcripts and reference letters) to follow. The file goes to our Admissions Committee when your application file is complete. 

The file will include a completed application form, three letters of reference, a writing sample, transcripts, and a resume.

How will my application be evaluated?

Each application is evaluated as a whole. We are interested in your scholarly capacity, your skills as a lawyer, your academic performance, and your interest in the environmental and natural resources law field. The weight given each factor varies with each applicant. For example, the importance of law school grades wanes with practice experience.

When should I apply for financial assistance?

U.S. students seeking loans should submit and file federal financial aid forms as soon as possible; do not wait until you have received an offer of admission.

U.S. and international students applying for a tuition award should include a short letter requesting scholarship consideration and information about their financial situation with their application forms. These awards are tuition awards which reduce the tuition cost per credit. The awards do not cover living expenses, books, transportation, etc.

How soon will I know whether I have been accepted for admission?

Once your file is complete, the Admissions Committee will normally review it within a month. We will then contact you regarding the decision by email.

What should I do when I’m admitted?

If you accept an offer of admission, you must submit a nonrefundable tuition deposit of $250 within three weeks after notification of admission, in order to hold your place in the class. If you decline an offer of admission, please let us know as soon as possible so that we may make your space available to another applicant.