Animal Law Conference

20th Annual Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark

October 19 - 21, 2012

 Celebrating 20 Years of Animal Law: Looking Back and Looking Forward


Thank you to everyone who attended the

2012 Animal Law Conference! 


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20th Annual Conference Theme & Overview

This year marked the 20th anniversary for The Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark. Our exciting lineup of speakers examined what has been accomplished over the past two decades in animal law and discussed what they think the best path forward is towards further legal protection for animals.

  • Registration opened June 1, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. Pacific Time and SOLD OUT July 28, 2012.

Conference Mission Statement

The mission of the conference is to enrich legal advocacy for animals through sharing ideas, knowledge, and practical skills, as well as providing educational and networking opportunities.

History of the Conference

The Animal Law Conference at Lewis & Clark was the first academic conference to address the subject of animal law. In 1993, a small contingent of Lewis & Clark law students interested in animal welfare established the conference, a one-day symposium addressing wildlife issues. The event was successful, and members of L&C’s Student Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) chapter made the conference an annual event. Over the years, the conference continued to grow in size and popularity with the support and shared vision of the Animal Legal Defense Fund. In 2008, the conference became a joint venture between the Lewis & Clark SALDF chapter and the Center for Animal Law Studies at Lewis & Clark, in collaboration with the Animal Legal Defense Fund. Today, the conference has become one of the largest and most popular of its kind, featuring some of the most respected voices in the field of animal law.

Representative Feedback

  • “Finally, a conference that lives up to its philosophy!”
  • “Best conference I have ever attended - you need more.”
  • “The panelists were wonderful and the cost for students was reasonable.” 
  • “Thanks so much for a wonderful weekend! I had a blast - it was well put together, planned, and went incredibly smoothly. Great job!”

Past Conferences

    • 2013: 21st Annual Animal Law Conference
    • 2012: Celebrating 20 Years of Animal Law: Looking Back and Forward
    • 2011: Standing Up for Animals: Can a Bad Economy Inspire Greater Goodness?
    • 2010: Animals in Crisis: Using The Laws We Have, Getting The Laws We Need
    • 2009: The Animal: The Links
    • 2008: One Earth: Globalism & Animal Law  
    • 2007: Building Bridges: Strengthening the Animal Advocacy Movement
    • 2006: Market Revolution: Recognizing Animals’ Intrinsic Values
    • 2005: The Art of Animal Advocacy: Using Litigation, Legislation, and Science to Advocate for Animals
    • 2004: Justice for All: Social, Political, and Cultural Influences in Animal Law
    • 2003: Building Animal Friendly Communities through Legislation, Community Action, and Legal Advocacy
    • 2002: Issues of Enforcement in Animal Law
    • 2001: Politics of Animal Law
    • 2000: Controversies in Animal Law
    • 1999: The Animal/Human Conflict: Law, Culture & Activism
    • 1998: Animals in the Global Marketplace: Science, Society & Industry
    • 1997: Law and Urban Planning: The Ethical Place for Animals
    • 1996: Legal Issues Concerning Animals of the Pacific Northwest
    • 1995: Perspectives on Domestic and Captive Animals
    • 1994: Marine Mammal Symposium
    • 1993: Wildlife Law Symposium