Iga Glazewska

Iga is a lawyer with experience in academia, the private sector, and non-governmental organizations. Her legal research has been focused on the possibility and validity of nonhuman animal legal personhood. A strong supporter of an interdisciplinary approach to animal and environmental advocacy, she studied philosophy and comparative psychology. She currently serves as a Director for Poland at Humane Society International/Europe, where she is responsible for a wide range of programs, including efforts to effectively implement anti-cruelty legislation, improve the welfare of farmed animals, encourage the shift towards a plant-based diet, promote human-wildlife coexistence, replace animal testing with animal-free approaches, and stop trophy hunting.

Iga came to the Animal Law LLM Program driven by the desire to connect with fellow animal advocates, learn from champions of animal law, and advocate for nonhuman animals more effectively and skillfully, both at local and international levels.

“During my LLM studies, I would like to get an especially closer look at the current incongruence between animal rights and environmental protection in an effort to formulate viable solutions that would attune the rights of animals and the rights of nature in light of unprecedented global crises. I can’t imagine a better place than Lewis & Clark Law School to take on this ambitious task.”