Hon. Justice Nzioki wa Makau

LLM ’17

Judge, Industrial Court of Kenya

LLM ’17

Justice Nzioki wa Makau received our International Advocates Animal Law LLM Scholarship. After completing the program, he returned to his role as a judge of the Employment & Labour Relations Court of Kenya. Justice Nzioki has a long-standing interest and commitment to wildlife  as demonstrated by his involvement in the Tsavo Trust where he is a co-founder and chairman of the board.

“I decided to pursue an Animal Law LLM at Lewis & Clark due to the interest I have in wildlife conservation. The degree will be an invaluable asset as animal law is currently an emerging area that requires more input in terms of learning and application of the laws in respect to animals. The degree will allow me to contribute to the enhancement of advocacy for animal rights, conservation, and education. I looked around for the best law school and only Lewis & Clark Law School made the cut. To be honest, it’s the only university I found offering this degree. The Animal Law LLM program at the Center for Animal Law Studies and Lewis & Clark, are highly regarded back home. I hope to be able to impact animal rights law in Kenya and I hope to serve on the Court of Appeal, as well as teach animal law at local universities in order to enhance knowledge in this field of law.”

Location: Nairobi, Kenya