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Center for Animal Law Studies

AALI signs Docket to the FDA and USDA

January 02, 2019

The Aquatic Animal Law Initiative (AALI) of the Animal Law Clinic at Lewis & Clark focuses on questions broadly relating to the legal protection of aquatic animals. Given the widespread use of aquatic animals for human goals, it is important to consider questions raised by that usage - housing, feeding, medical care, transportation, slaughter, processing, breeding, testing, and exhibition. Until now, there has been no entity dedicated to the legal analysis of these issues. Thus, AALI was created in order to consider the legal, as well as scientific and economic, contours of issues resulting from the use of aquatic animals.

AALI looks for creative ways to highlight and end the suffering of animals who are often overlooked in the legal system. One such effort has been signing on to ALDF’s comments to the FDA and USDA relating to new regulation of meat (and fish) alternatives. It is important that these regulations fairly protect consumer interests and don’t unnecessarily inhibit the development of technologies that will alleviate untold animal suffering, environmental degradation, as well as public health and labor concerns.

AALI is hopeful that the agencies will take these comments seriously and develop meaningful and appropriate regulations.