Judy Muriithi

Attorney, Lawyers for Animal Protection in Africa
LLM ’19

Judy Muriithi was a recipient of our International Advocates Animal Law LLM Scholarship and comes from Kenya. After completing her degree, she co-founded Saving Elephants Through Education and Justice, and is an attorney for Lawyers for Animal Protection in Africa.

Judy says, “The Animal Law LLM exposed me to an amazing field that continues to be a great ground for learning. I have recently been involved in various animal welfare projects and I am grateful as it formed a basis for the knowledge that I am currently utilizing now.” She recently used that knowledge as a Project Consultant, where she engaged academics and researchers in sub-saharan Africa in discourse and policy debates on factory farming. Her work culminated in an important and comprehensive report that she co-authored, “Engaging Academics to Counter the Growth for Factory Farming in Africa.”

Judy is a qualified Animal, Environmental, and Social Justice Attorney with experience in legal capacities in the animal welfare realm on policy, legislation, and strategy. Throughout her career, she has led and supported global and regional organizations to build vocal and successful animal welfare alliances, while integrating animal welfare issues into the international arena.