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Hira Jaleel

Hira Jaleel

LLM Candidate ’20


Hailing from Pakistan, Hira Jaleel is a recipient of a Fulbright scholarship and the Animal Law LLM Leadership Award. She received her BA-LLB (Hons.) from the Lahore University of Management Sciences, where she was on the Dean’s Honors List and recipient of the academic excellence scholarship for the academic year 2013-2014.

After graduation, Hira practiced as an attorney in one of Pakistan’s top law firms for two years. There, she worked on litigation against the practice of dog fighting in Pakistan as well as litigation pertaining to the implementation of CITES in the country in a case related to wild felids being imported to be exhibited in political rallies. She has previously advised clients on Pakistan’s whistle-blowing laws vis-a-vis reporting of animal abuse, and on the legal rights of clients threatened with eviction and seizure of their companion animals by housing authorities.

Hira has a rescue dog – Peanut – who is the inspiration behind her decision to study animal law.

“I decided to study animal law because it horrifies me to see living, emotional, sentient beings around me suffer unabated abuse and exploitation at the hands of humans. Human beings recognized the concepts of freedom from slavery and the rights to life and dignity eons ago, yet we continue to deny the enjoyment of these concepts to nonhumans simply because they cannot communicate their desires in a language we understand. After I graduate from the Animal Law LLM program, I hope to continue working in the field of animal law to find, and where necessary create, legal avenues of redress for nonhuman animals. The Animal Law LLM provides me the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who share my passion and help me explore avenues where I can continue making a difference in the lives of nonhumans.”