Mo Sullivan

Mo is an environmentalist, vegan, and animal rights advocate hoping to pursue a career in animal law. She received her BA from Southern New Hampshire University in Law and Politics, with minors in Environmental Studies and Ethics.

Mo started her career with animals by working in shelters and veterinary clinics. Although she enjoyed being hands-on with animals and learning about animal health, these roles mostly emphasized her desire to change laws oppressing the lives of animals. During her 4+ years of working with animals, she witnessed the lack of legislation in existence to protect them. She saw the harsh realities of animal cruelty, unjust animal euthanasia, and wrongful animal ownership. These experiences only encouraged her to work towards a degree where she can fight for animal equality, specifically for animals that are not typical American “pets,” such as those used in the meat industry.

After interning for a lobbying firm in Washington, D.C., Mo realized that Government officials hold the greatest power for change by voting on significant legislation that impacts the lives of animals. Currently, she continues to work in the government affairs industry to gain more experience advocating at the federal level. She knows her degree at Lewis & Clark will allow her to better influence and educate legislators about animal policy issues!