Khesveny Nyanaguru

Khesveny’s love for animals started at a young age. She has been a vegetarian for 13 years and transitioned to being a vegan in late 2022. She started her journey of working with animals in high school and volunteered in multiple animal shelters. Her initial plan was to become a veterinarian as this is the most common career trajectory for animal lovers back at her home in Malaysia. During her undergraduate studies in Mount Holyoke College, Khesveny was part of the pre-veterinary club and during the summer holidays, she interned in various veterinary hospitals in the US and South Africa and interned at a wildlife rehabilitation center in South Africa.

Khesveny’s interest in advocacy and justice started in college. After graduation, she worked as a part-time veterinary assistant in NYC, later returning to Malaysia due to the pandemic. In Malaysia, she worked in two different organizations with the indigenous communities, trafficked survivors, and refugee children, and focused on giving them the tools and resources to help improve their lives. Khesveny’s social work experiences made her rethink the concept of justice and welfare surrounding animals.

She joined Gibbon Conservation Society in 2022 and managed the organization’s volunteer program, orchestrated events, engaged with corporations for CSR initiatives and handled other administrative tasks. She advocated for gibbon and wildlife conservation at public events and urged the public to support the crucial work of conservation organizations. By joining the Lewis and Clark Animal Law MSL program, Khesveny is eager to learn how the law treats animals in the US and how she can become a better advocate for the voiceless. She aspires to create a positive change in the lives of animals.