Constance Ngombengombe Muriri

Constance’s career aspirations have always been driven by passion for animals and wanting to improve animal welfare. She attained her Law degree from the University of Zimbabwe in 2022.She joined a Wildlife class with Speak Out for Animals where she obtained a certificate in Wildlife Law. Before she obtained a Bachelor of Laws degree, she worked for the Zimbabwe Republic Police as an Investigator, investigating wildlife crimes. She was seconded to National Prosecuting Authority of Zimbabwe, where she prosecuted wildlife crimes in the Magistrate Court.

Before joining the Animal Law LLM program, Constance worked as a Law Officer at Zimbabwe Republic Police General Headquarters (Legal Services). Her duties included giving advice to police officers on the importance of wildlife and coordinating training of the Minerals, Flora and Fauna (MFFU) department on the proper investigation of wildlife cases and the proper handling of wildlife exhibits to achieve successful prosecution. The experience she got from prosecution and police has inspired her to fight against wildlife crimes through litigation.

Constance believes there is a need to educate police officers on the importance of wildlife and the need to be aware that they have a duty to fight against wildlife crimes through proper investigation and prosecution. Her vision is to contribute to the growth of animal welfare through animal advocacy and use the professional skills in helping to mitigate wildlife poaching through legislation and proper litigation. She is determined to end the suffering of animals through advocating for their rights by giving a voice to their plight.