Rachel De Graaf

Rachel received her JD from the University of Victoria, Canada in 2022, having completed her BA in History and Classics and MA in Classical Archaeology at the University of Alberta in 2015 and 2017, respectively.

During her time in law school, Rachel spent three years on the executive board of the University of Victoria’s Animal Justice Club, expanding a network of students, scholars, and practitioners who are dedicated to improving legal protections for nonhuman animals. She has also participated in the Animal Law Conference as a presenter and moderator. During law school and after completing her articles, Rachel worked at the University of Victoria as a research assistant on law and society topics relating to animal studies.

Ultimately, Rachel aims to assist an animal law advocacy organization as legal counsel, as such organizations provide unique opportunities to contribute both to legislative reform and advances in the common law. She understands the importance of inclusive reform that does not further entrench the divisions between the nonhuman animals that society at large can identify with and the ones that people cannot, and she hopes to develop a sound theoretical basis for such reform by pursuing an LLM at Lewis & Clark Law School.

Rachel is a grateful recipient of the Brooks Institute for Animal Rights Law & Policy LLM Fellowship award.