Marcelo Daidone Chalita

Marcelo is a criminal lawyer, criminology specialist, and vegan entrepreneur from São Paulo, Brazil. When Marcelo gained insight into the direct impact that farming animals has on global warming, he decided that he would make this issue the main priority of his life. With a focus on animal rights and animal criminology, he has been studying environmental law related to the Amazon Rainforest.

Marcelo is a legal consultant at Climate Action Support Pathway, where he leads and provides weekly legal criminal advice for non-UK citizenship groups. He is also a legal advisor volunteer at Animal Equality UK and Brazil. In the UK, he analyzes and reports on the lack of enforcement for existing animal welfare, and he determines the scale of the problem related to farm issues over the record period (2017 to 2021). He gathered data for the article that was published by The Guardian last year in this article. In Brazil, Marcelo advises on specific Animal Law issues and monitors lawsuits filed by Animal Law.

In addition, Marcelo belongs to International Rights Network at The Vegan Society. During his time in London, he wrote an article for Advocates for Animals Solicitors discussing whether veganism is a protected belief in Brazil.

Marcelo is a lawyer member of the Association of Lawyers for Climate Change in Latin America (LACLIMA), where he leads the Human Rights and Agriculture group. Plus, he is a member of the ANDA – Animal Rights News Agency, where he published the article: Animal Criminology: Animal Suffering as an Object of Criminology.