Annie Sloan

Annie has spent over fifteen years thinking about and working in food, and she has long believed that humans can eat without wreaking havoc on other humans, animals, and the planet. She attended culinary school in Chicago, focused on food studies during her final years of undergraduate education, and received her JD from the University of Michigan.

During law school, Annie interned with Farmworker Justice, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and the Animal Legal Defense Fund. She was editor-in-chief of the Michigan Journal of Law & Society and the president of the Food Equity & Ecological Diversity Society (FEEDSoc). She was the 2023 Recipient of the Wanda A. Nash Award for Excellence in Animal Law.

“I want to rid our species of our anthropocentric speciesism, our ethics that allow us to treat other sentient creatures as absent referents, our cognitive dissonance re the meat paradox, and so much more. But I want to do it in part by not relying on any of the above terminology. This fellowship will allow me to further explore animal law within academia and legal advocacy while honing my writing skills for a wider audience. Our current food system and our moral relationships with other animals plainly make little sense.”