Adrienne Tourtelot

Adrienne Tourtelot is a native of Southern California and resides in Los Angeles. Adrienne graduated high school and attended Boston University, majoring in Anthropology. After graduation, Adrienne moved to NYC and worked for Nickelodeon in Marketing and Finance. She then decided to move to Boulder, Colorado, study for her M.BA at University of Colorado (part-time at night), while working for General Electric in Operations during the day. Adrienne moved back to Los Angeles to be closer to her family. Since moving home she has been a licensed residential Realtor for 20 years, a mom to a wonderful daughter and an avid dog rescue supporter. She has been a member of the HSUS and the ASPCA for two decades and spends her free time being a guardian to two dog rescues. Adrienne hopes to contribute to the welfare and protection of animals by obtaining her MSL and ultimately working with an organization to enforce animal rights laws.