Valerie Gibbons

United States
MSL Candidate ’25

Valerie Gibbons graduated most recently from the University of Pennsylvania college of Veterinary Medicine with a certification in Animal Welfare and Behavior. Prior to UPENN she began the process of combining her love of human forensics with that of Veterinary Medicine. The University of Florida proved to be the perfect choice and she graduated in December of 2017 with a Master degree in Veterinary Forensic Medicine. Her earlier education includes degrees in Forensic Medicine, Criminal Justice, Behavioral Science, as well as a Master degree in Professional Studies and Clinical Psychology. Valerie is also a certified Bereavement counselor, equestrian coach for special Olympics, horse welfare advocate and animal photographer. Valerie began her animal career in a local animal hospital starting at age 10, and no matter where her education would lead her, she was always happiest when working with animals and their caregivers. In 2006 Valerie and her husband opened a small animal practice in their hometown and began to offer events to the community that focused on issues that face both human and animals alike including, domestic violence, animal hoarding, animal cruelty, and the horseracing industry. Valerie has had the privilege of meeting and working with several animal advocates, attorneys, as well as law enforcement on animal cruelty cases in the past. She is looking forward to not only this incredible semester but the knowledge and experience that her classmates bring to the program. My goal is to be the change that enables those in law and advocacy to find solutions to alleviate the current problems that plague the field of animal welfare and cruelty.