Steven M. Wise (in memorial)

Adjunct Law Faculty


We are honored that Steve shared his talents with our students at Lewis & Clark Law School, teaching as an Adjunct Professor in our Animal Law Program for more than two decades. His grateful admirers include our Lewis & Clark community, as well as lawyers and law students from around the globe, who were inspired by his vision to challenge the legal status quo and push the law to treat animals as the remarkable individuals who they are. Steve built something that can’t be stopped; he laid a very solid foundation for those who will come after him, and an extraordinary body of animal rights law scholarship.

The movement will not be the same without Steve. To read more about his life and legacy, read this tribute written by Professor Joyce Tischler, as she reflects on her more than 40 year friendship with Steve and his remarkable impact on the field of animal rights law.


Specialty Areas and Course Descriptions

Animal Rights Law & Jurisprudence

Academic Credentials

  • JD, Boston University Law School
  • BS, College of William and Mary