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Center for Animal Law Studies

Amy Wilson

Johannesburg, South Africa

Animal Law LLM ’18

Amy P. Wilson is a recipient of our International Advocates Animal Law  LLM Scholarship. Amy received her BCOM Degree (with a major in Business Management) and LLB Law Degree from the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. During her time in law school, Amy established the first Animal Law Student Group, which continued long after she had graduated, and she continues to be involved in Student Animal Law Groups at the University of Johannesburg. In her final year, she was also one of two South African recipients to receive a full scholarship to participate in the University of Lucerne’s (Switzerland) summer school – the Lucerne Academy for Implementation of Human Rights.

Upon graduation, Amy articled at ENSafrica, the largest law firm in Africa, and practiced as a corporate attorney for over 6 years. She has also worked for international law firm, Hogan Lovells as a Senior Associate in the Corporate Commercial Department. Amy has worked on a number of key transactions, both in South Africa and cross-border and has assisted many major corporations as clients. She is also a qualified notary public.

As an attorney, Amy also worked pro bono on various animal law related issues for various game reserves in South Africa, as well as for anti-poaching rhino organizations. She is a committee member of the largest animal rights organization in South Africa and regularly assists them with various legal and other matters. She has also worked with legislative advisors and other organizations to try and improve animal laws in South Africa. Amy also assisted the South African Vegan Society in relation to the legal status of veganism in South Africa and an analysis of applicable national legislation.  

Amy is also director and co-founder of the first Animal Law non-profit organization in South Africa – Animal Law Reform South Africa. In March 2017, together with the Center for Animal Law Studies and Hogan Lovells, Amy organized the first of its kind Animal Law Seminar which was well attended by lawyers, animal groups and other interested persons and served to educate people about Animal Law, both in South Africa and internationally.

Amy is currently the LLM Representative on the Lewis & Clark Student Animal Legal Defense Fund’s board and is working as a Research Assistant for the Associate Dean of Animal Law, Pamela Frasch as well as Dr. Raj Reddy.

“For my LLM Project, I am developing the first Animal Law Course for South African universities as I hope to make it accessible to all law students. My other projects include research into the legalization of the rhino horn trade and whether this could be an effective mechanism to protect rhinos; and the advancement of technology and the effect of this on Animal Law.”