Student Opportunities

A great lawyer needs both knowledge of the law and a toolkit of lawyering skills. Lewis & Clark provides an excellent preparation for entry into the real world of law practice. In addition to our extensive general and specialized classroom offerings, we provide students with exciting opportunities for hands-on learning:

  • Earthrise Law Center, our on-campus domestic environmental litigation clinic known for its varied docket and multiple successes in state and federal court
  • International Environmental Law Project, our on-campus international environmental clinic, giving students a chance to think and act globally
  • Animal Law Clinic, our on-campus clinic devoted to animal protection litigation, legislation and policy work as well as research and analysis in emerging animal protection law issues
  • Green Energy Institute works to hasten the transition to a 100% renewable power grid by improving existing policies and incentives in order to entice investment from diverse energy-market stakeholders. 
  • An outstanding environmental and animal law moot court program that produces national champions
  • A wide variety of part-time legal practicums with local governments, law firms and nonprofit organizations
  • Externships across the U.S. and abroad, tailored to students’ interests