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October 14, 2019

Animal Advocates Gather In Denmark At The World Conference For Mainstreaming Animal Protection

  • CALS Executive Director Pamela Hart (far left), pictured with Conference organizers, Sidse Kaersgaard and Sacha Lucassen, and Dean of the Animal Law Program, Pamela Frasch.

It was a gathering of committed animal advocates from around the world at the 2019 World Conference for Mainstreaming Animal Protection on September 30-October 1. The Conference, held in Helsingør Denmark, was hosted by the Center for Animal Defence (Center for Dyrs Forsvar) and brought together attorneys, academics, policy-makers, scientists, ethicists, and other invited experts who have dedicated time and research in their respective fields to improve animal protection. The Center for Animal Law Studies (CALS) at Lewis & Clark Law School was delighted to have participated in this enriching conversation.

The Conference kicked off with a warm welcome from the Center’s Chairman, Sacha Lucassen. Sacha is rapidly developing into one of the most important and innovative animal law attorneys in the world and, together with the Center’s equally impressive Co-Founder and CEO, Sidse Kaersgaard, set the tone for a highly productive experience. The discussion on the first day was focused around a host of ways to protect animals, through education, proactive police investigation, politics, ethics, mainstream media, and more. Lewis & Clark Law School Dean of the Animal Law Program, Pamela Frasch, shared the history of the animal law movement in the United States and the future of animal law education in her presentation entitled “Third Wave Animal Law Education Ushering The Next Generation of Advocates.” Asked if she is hopeful for the future of animal law, Dean Frasch responded: “Yes. The future of animal law is in the hands of an incredibly talented next generation of advocates, who are wise, savvy, and ready to take bold next steps in the fight to create protections and rights for animals.”

The second day of the Conference focused on a wide range of working groups, in which important discussions were facilitated by experts in their respective fields. The working groups focused on climate change, science, welfare/rights philosophy, and more. CALS Executive Director, Pamela Hart, led a discussion on “Teaching, Education & Activism, How Do We Create A Compassionate World?” As a veteran of building animal law courses at law schools nationwide, Pam noted that “animal law education in the classroom-both in law schools and beyond-is critical to advancing animal protection in the real world.” Dean Pamela Frasch also facilitated a working group, together with animal law attorney Sabine Lennkh, on “Legislation & Enforcement of Animal Protection: Best Practices & Lessons Learned.”

The goal of the Conference was to allow people with different backgrounds and nationalities to learn from each other. The Center for Dyrs Forsvar hoped to “creat[e] a platform for knowledge exchange and sparring between experts in order to ensure the necessary cooperation for the sake of the animals.” The Center certainly achieved those goals as the Conference was a resounding success. CALS is grateful to have participated, and to have learned from the many experts who shared their valuable perspectives on the many ways that we can come together to help animals. 

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