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Center for Animal Law Studies

Dr. Charlotte Blattner, Animal Law Visiting International Scholar

October 25, 2016

  • Morgan Grether


The Center for Animal Law Studies and Lewis & Clark Law School are pleased to announce that they will host Dr. Charlotte Blattner as the Animal Law Visiting International Scholar for the 2016-17 academic year.

Dr. Blattner recently received her PhD in international law and animal law at the University of Basel, Switzerland. She was trained in the first doctoral program, Law and Animals: Ethics at Crossroads, that promotes doctoral research in animal law. Dr. Blattner is an attorney (MLaw) and specializes in general public international law, private international law, and international economic law.

Dr. Blattner will use her time at CALS to continue her research at the Boley Law Library, participate in animal law classes, give lectures, work with students, and present at this year’s Animal Law Conference in New York. Dr. Blattner’s research is important to CALS because international disputes over jurisdictional competences are increasing at a mounting pace, and public concerns about animals and their intrinsic needs, desires, and interests have become an issue in world courts and tribunals.

In her current research, Dr. Blattner explores the use of extraterritorial protection of animals as a means to address the industries that intentionally outsource their work to countries with lax animal laws. She scrutinizes the scope of states’ regulatory authority to protect animals across borders, and models answers through established applications of criminal, corporate, competition, investment, export credits, trade, and private international law. 

CALS has an ongoing relationship with the law faculty of the University of Basel, specifically via its doctoral program: Law and Animals: Ethics at Crossroads. Dr. Blattner’s research at the Center for Animal Law Studies is sponsored by the Swiss National Science Foundation, which has financed several conferences on animal law in Europe and greatly facilitated research on animal law issues.